Responsible for all animation. Rigs provided by Animation Mentor.


Animation Mentor Animals and Creatures Masterclass

Introduction to Animal and Creature Animation
Term: Fall 2012
Mentor: Alison Sanders

Advanced Creature Production
Term: Winter 2013
Mentor: Jean-Denis Haas

Class 1 Section 1
Life Sketches
Cat Poses

Class 1 Section 2
Cat Vanilla Walk Planning Sketch
Class 1 Section 3
Cat Pounce Planning Sketch
Class 1 Section 7
Ogre Outburst Planning Sketch
Class 2 Section 1
Dragon Flight Cycle Planning Sketch
Class 2 Section 2
Dragon Plate Planning Sketch
Class 2 Section 6
Ogre Versus Dragon Fight Planning Sketch

Animation Mentor Class 6 Polishing And Portfolio

This class was all about the final 10% of animating (which can be 90% of the work).  Some new work was done, bust most of the time was put into polishing animations done in previous classes.

Term: Summer 2012
Mentor: Greg Whittaker

Sections 1 & 2
We selected the best of our previous work and began polishing the most promising scene.

Section 3
While continuing to polish previous work, pre-production for multiple new scenes begins.  One of the planned scenes is selected to produce.

Sections 4-8
While continuing to polish previous work, animation on the chosen new scene begins and continues for the next few weeks.

Section 9-11
We continued to polish our work, and arranged our demoreels.  This included designing title cards and DVD case covers.

Section 12
We had completed the Character Animation Program, and possesed a demoreel with which to seek employment.  No demoreel is ever complete.  It constantly develops to reflect an animator's work.  Currently, you can find mine featured here on this blog.  You can also check out my vimeo for the latest in my animation:


Animation Mentor Class 5 Advanced Acting

This class continued to develop the acting principles of the previous class, and added additional elements like  cutting, emotional arcs, acting beats, and interaction.

Term: Spring 2012
Mentor: Peter Kelly

Section 1
Lip-sync Planning
The Dialogue shot picked up from where it left off the previous week in Class 4, now with full rig controls so I could animate the face.

Section 2
2 Face Poses

Section 3
2 Face Poses

Section 4
2 Person Dialogue Character Design

Face Pose

Section 5
2 Person Dialogue Planning
This scene gave the opportunity to incorporate cuts between shots as well as more dynamic staging and composition.

Section 6
Face Pose

Section 7
Face Pose

Section 12
Progress Reel
  1. 2 Person Dialogue
  2. Dialogue, continued from Class 4, now with full rig controls

Animation Mentor Class 4 Introduction to Acting

This class took the ideas form the previous classes, and combined them with behaviours, and details like staging and avoiding clichĂ©d choices.

Term: Winter 2012
Mentor: Ray Chase

Section 1 - 5
Pantomime Planning:
  1. Safe At Throne
  2. Fishing Expedition
  3. Urban Cornucopia
I storyboarded 3 options, then consulted with my mentor to choose which one to animate.  I went with #1.  I  modified the Stewie rig by with a head I modeled and shaded.

Section 6
Dialogue Planning:
  1. Woman hears noise and talks to her roommate
  2. 'Film Noir' Man yells at former colleague
  3. 'Film Noir' Mobster condescends
Much like the Pantomime, I storyboarded 3 options, but this time I edited audio options first.  Again, I went with #1.

Section 7
Dialogue Character Design

I modified the Bishop rig's body by modeling an altered version, which I applied with a blend shape.  Then I used that as a basis for the clothes, which I applied with a wrap deformer.

Section 8
Bishop Hand Pose: Anger

Section 9
Bishop Hand Pose: Relaxed

Section 10 - 11
Bishop Hand Pose: Surprise

Section 12
Progress Reel
  1. Dialogue with limited face controls, to be completed with full controls in Class 5
  2. Pantomime


Animation Mentor Class 3 Advanced Body Mechanics

This class continued to develop the ideas of the previous class, focused on
biped/humanoid characters.

Term: Fall 2011
Mentor: David Weatherly

Section 1 - 3
ninJAnitor Planning

Section 4 - 6
Trebuchet Stewie Planning

Section 7 - 11
basketBALLet Planning

Section 12
Progress Reel

  1. basketBALLet
  2. Trebuchet Stewie
  3. ninJAnitor


Animation Mentor Class 2 Psychology of Body Mechanics

This class took the basic concepts taught in the previous class and applied them to the mechanics of characters' movement, taking into account variables like physical build, personality, emotion, and environment.

Term: Summer 2011
Mentor: Ethan Hurd

Section 1 - 3
Backflip Planning
This video contains reference I did myself, parts of a video I found online, and a basic animatic using my thumbnail sketches.  I watched many other videos, but the video I found and featured clips from in my Reference can be seen here: Gymnastics : How to Do a Backflip Off of a Wall

Section 4 - 6
Jump On Ball Planning
This video contains a basic animatic using my thumbnail sketches and my personal reference.  I also used quite a bit of other video reference, but it's too much to sit through.  If you really want to see the sources for that material, here are links to some of it:
Little boy walking on a big ball
Young acrobats street theatre walking globe circus
New Zealands #1 Globe Walker - Circus Aotearoa
New Zealands #1 Globe Walker - Creative Festival '08
Ball Acrobatics
Adam on Acro Ball Jan 2007
Ball Flip Game 2
Adam Menzies 2006
Lunge Balance Ball Exercises

Section 7 - 11
Hand Walk Planning
This video contains a basic animatic from my thumbnail sketches and my personal reference.

Section 12
Progress Reel
  1. Hand Walk
  2. Jump On Ball
  3. Backflip

Animation Mentor Class 1 Basic Foundations

This class focused on the fundamentals of animation, like the 12 Priciples of Animation devised by Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas and basic physics.

Term: Winter 2011
Mentor: Paul Allen

Section 1
Introductions were made between the mentor and students.

Section 2
Public Sketches
I went to a shopping mall to do a few pages of quick sketches, catching people behaving casually.  The goal was to apply what was seen, paying attention to line of action and silhouette, and develop understanding of the other principles of posing like balance, negative space, while avoiding tangents and twinning.

Public Stu Pose

Section 3
Bouncing Ball Planning
The goal was to learn the basics of momentum and arcs through how a ball bounces.

Excitement Sketches
The goal was to further familiarity with the Stu rig using IK and FK controls, and to further understand the principles of posing.

Excitement Stu Pose

Section 4
Bouncing Balls: Bowling Ball Vs. Exercise Ball Planning
The goal was to learn and demonstrate an understanding of how weight and momentum affects movement.

Section 5
Devastation Sketches

Devastation Stu Pose

Bonus Devastation Stu Pose

Obstacle Course Planning
I started by planning several different options using the sets provided by the school, modifying them as needed to create a unique course.  The goal was to continue with what was learned from the previous ball shots, now incorporating squash and stretch and more complicated paths of action.

Section 6
Pendulum Planning
I slightly altered the school's Pendulum rig to allow for independent rotation between the block and tail.  The goal was to take what was learned about momentum, and extend it to the concept of the successive breaking of joints.

Section 7
Tailor & OneLeg Planning
I used ramp shaders to give the Tailor rig a more realistic fluffy squirrel look, and modeled an acorn-like beanie hat and scout sash for the OneLeg rig.  I also made the rest of the props for the scene.  There were 2 goals for this shot. One was to continue with the bouncing ball motions, now applied with consciousness to both Tailor and OneLeg, not just physics.  The other goal was to continue with the successive breaking of joints from the Pendulum shots, and apply it to the conscious character Tailor.

Section 8
Strength Sketches

Strength Stu Pose

Walk Planning
The goal was to animate a 'Vanilla' walk with the Ballie rig, as standard as possible, avoiding individual characterization.

Section 9
Concern Sketches

Concern Stu Pose

Section 10
Character Walk: Trudge Planning
The goal of this shot was to further what was learned with the 'Vanilla' Walk by incorporating individual emotion and personality.  I chose a toe-dragging trudge.

Exhausted Sketches

Exhausted Stu Pose

Section 11
Balance Sketches

Balance Stu Pose

Section 12
Progress Reel

  1. Character Walk: Trudge
  2. Walk
  3. Tailor & OneLeg
  4. Pendulum
  5. Obstacle Course
  6. Bouncing Balls: Bowling Ball Vs. Exercise Ball
  7. Bouncing Ball

Stu Poses:

  1. Balance
  2. Exhausted
  3. Concern
  4. Strength
  5. Devastation
  6. Excitement
  7. Public